North-89 was founded in 2016 with the objective to bring functionality to sneakers. Building seasonally driven collections while drawing inspiration from the Scandinavian weather conditions. Our footwear is designed for an active lifestyle using innovative materials to combat the elements.
North-89’s are handmade in a family owned factory in Portugal using the finest Italian leathers and innovative materials available. Designed in Stockholm, at the heart of Scandinavia where all four seasons are clearly exhibited, we strive to deliver footwear based on quality, functionality and comfort. On this journey we strive to stay true to our roots of Scandinavian design while focusing on the constant development and progression of our footwear.


Our water-resistant collections are designed and developed to combat rain, snow, and slush during the Fall/Winter. Using water-resistant nylon and suede uppers we have the ability to keep your feet dry while still allowing them to breathe.


Our breathable collection is built for the warmer months of the year. Using perforated leathers and cotton mesh we adapt our footwear to the heat while staying true to our Scandinavian roots.